Oak veneer interior doors...Here are but a few.

Many are available pre finished, meaning you may only have to coat sides, edges & any surface marks. 

Most have a matching glazed partner.

         4 panel design available with or without raised mouldings  plus glazed option.         Suffolk/mexicano.             

  Vermont.                                             Riviera.                                     Louis with or without raised mouldings               Hamlet.

Palmero.                        Contemporary 4 panel (also in smaller sizes)

Rovigo glazed.                      Rovigo.                                                    Pesaro glazed.                                    Maine(now flat panels)


Pattern ten available panelled,clear or obscure glazed.            Worcester.

Messina.                              Contemporary 4 panel walnut             Contemporary with glazed option

Ledge and braced.Front and rear views.                                     Ardeche.

                                                                       Oak bi-folds available to order 762mm & 686mm.

                                                                       You cannot trim a bi-fold as it is routed for track etc.

Idaho & Idaho glazed(utah)  

Oak Coventry and glazed version.                                      Oak Contempory 5L available clear or obscure.          .              



Below is the oak veneer Downham(left) Malton(right) these come into us unglazed allowing us to put in any glass or there are some feature glass packs available.

They are also available in a pitch pine.


Internal oak doors as pairs.

We do some rebated pairs (40mm thick) like the Worcester pictured on the left. Also the Shaker,Pattern 10,Suffolk etched,Salerno and Malton.

Alternatively you can use any 2 doors (35mm) and use a pair maker to take up the gap inbetween as the right photo or just have them butting up against each other.

Pre finished oak Verona.


Above is typical Obscure glass available in SOME designs.

Below is the etched glass in the glazed mexicano/suffolk/vertical panel door.